Mold Inspections

We are Licensed and Insured Inspectors.

Mold Inspections & Repairs

Mold can grow under almost any condition, and it grows very quickly. Wherever the mold touches or spreads needs to be cleaned and sanitized, and often the mold has grown on every surface down to the studs. Contact us … and we'll do the dirty work for you. We'll remove the mold and clean up, and when we're done the mold will be gone and your family will be able to breathe freely. Broward Home Inspections' qualified crew won't give up until the mold is gone for good.

There are three ways to inspect for Mold:

  • Visual Inspection:

    A visual inspection is the initial step in identifying possible contamination problems. It will identify any visible water leaks or moisture stains on ceilings, walls, floors or under counters. The air conditioning and heating systems, the attic and crawl spaces under homes will receive a visual inspection as well. The use -of equipment, such as a boroscope, to view spaces in ductwork or behind walls, and moisture meters are used to help identify hidden sources of mold growth and the extent of the water damage.
  • Air Sampling:

    The purpose of air sampling is to determine the type and amount of airborne contamination in a building. Air sampling may be necessary if the presence of mold, allergens or toxins is suspected (e.g.: musty odors, allergies) but cannot be identified by a visual inspection.
  • Tape/Swab Sampling:

    Tape/Swab samples are usually collected from visible moldy surfaces by wiping the area with a sterile swab. This type of sampling is used to identify specific mold types.